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The Problem

Due to absence of institutional sources of credit and lack of working capital at the time of sowing, a majority of smallholder farmers (125 mn out of total 145 mn farmers in India) :

  • Either use sub-quality agri inputs resulting in lower yields; or 

  • End up taking credit from local moneylenders at extortionary rates resulting in debt trap

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The Solution

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Flexible repayment of credit given in kind (agri-inputs

& services)

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Quality agricultural inputs

at best rates delivered

at villiage level

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Research-backed training

onfarming best practises and optimal use of inputs

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Market Access

Market access to sell agri-

produce in a professional 


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We operate on a community commerce model through our field officers on ground who serve 200-400 farmers by forming farmer groups of 8-16, each led by a group leader.  The farmers enroll for our services and receive best quality agricultural inputs on credit. They pay back the amount in flexible installments throughout the season. Once agri-inputs are delivered, our field officers also impart training on best agri-practices. Expert advice at each stage helps farmers increase their productivity and a direct touch with farmers through our field officers helps us in developing a long lasting relationship with farmers. We are currently working to close the whole loop by enabling our farmer network to sell their produce directly to agri produce buying companies through us.