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1. Impacted 10k+ livelihoods  

2. Mitigating credit risk associated          with farmers via active asset                management

3. Encouraging formation of women        farmer groups

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1. Farmer's earning increased by 

    7,500 during last year 

2. Reduced black marketing by 

    local retailers 

3. Better realisation of agriculture 

    produce through market access

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1. Improved soil health by                       inculcating research & data backed     farming practise 

2. Optimum use of agri-inputs such        as fertilizers & nutrients 

3. Use of bio-fertilizers and organic 


We have conducted an extensive Randomized Control Trial (RCT) based impact assessment of our work. It demonstrated that our intervention has led to savings on agri-input cost and increase in crop yield, directly increasing farmer's income by ₹ 7,500 in addition to savings in man hours and logistics costs. 

Farmers Illustration

1. Ramawati Devi- Jaisinghpur, East Champaran

I am a widow with two children to look after. Since local retailers don’t give me agri-input on credit, I had to loan out money from local moneylenders at a very high interest to farm and all the surpluses would go into paying that interest back leaving me with very little at the end of every farm cycle. Being a woman, it was also difficult for me to leave the village and go to towns to buy agri-inputs from nearby towns. Local shopkeepers used to give poor farming advice to sell their substandard products that would make matters worse for me.

I joined the One Acre Fund Network by paying just ₹ 500 in advance for registration. I am now able to get all the inputs in time at my doorstep and the field officer's frequent visit and farm advice has led to an increase in my farm productivity. In this season, my farm produce has gone up due to quality inputs provided by the company and the agri-input costs have also been lower. I am able to pay back all the input costs in flexible instalments and this releases the pressure from me to sell the produce right after harvest to repay local moneylenders. Now, I store my surplus produce till I get the right price for it.
*Translated from Hindi

2. Badruddin- Madhopur, East Champaran

Before I enrolled for One Acre Fund’s services, I was not able to access good quality seeds and fertilizers for my farm. The local shopkeepers would market and push inputs of their choice on us at the price they deemed fit. I am a small farmer with only limited disposable cash at a point of time This situation pushed me to be in debt and most of what we used to earn was used to repay the credit of local moneylenders, we were finding it tough to make both ends meet.

One Acre Fund’s services provided me with good quality inputs with flexible repayment options without having to run to shops in nearby towns, saving both time and money. Now, neither do I have to take credit at a high interest rate nor do I have to spend on logistics to get agri-input from nearby town areas. Most of my fellow farmers are able to sow and reap crops in time due to the company’s services without any mental pressure to repay high interest cost debt. 

The biggest advantage is not having to pay the input price all at once in the beginning. I pay back OAF in small instalments throughout the year and it also leaves me with disposable cash to invest in another small business bringing me regular cash throughout the year.

*Translated from Hindi

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